Some of My Favorite Websites

Here are a few very useful sites that I reference for my own cooking needs. The may be helpful to you too.

Cooking conversion charts

This conversion chart is super easy to follow.

This site is awesome because it allows you to pick from a list of hundreds of ingredients and then it gives you the measurement in every conversion from pounds to teaspoons. They even provide the metric conversion.


I reference this site for many nutritional facts and information, but I especially love the water intake calculator. The link above will take you directly to it.

This site is great for those that are conscious about the nutritional value in their food. You can do a search by “high in” or “lowest in” for vitamins, minerals, calories, fats etc.

Identifying foods and cooking utensils

This site includes an  encyclopedia for all things cooking such as ingredients and kitchen tools. Very useful for beginners!

Food Safety

An excellent resource for beginners. This is a food safety site. It covers everything from properly cleaning your hands to storing foods in the proper temperature. The link above is for safe cooking temperatures for meats, fish and eggs.

Wine Pairings

This is my go to site when I’m looking for specific wine pairings.

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