Shark Attack at the Wharf

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One of my favorite places is the fisherman’s wharf. I try to make my way to the local wharf in every city I visit or live in. Not only am I able to find exotic delicacies like sea urchin and fresh conch, but I pay half the price per pound of fish and other sea creatures that are still alive or were that morning. This beats the frozen, over priced, imported “fresh fish” you’ll find at the super market.

On a recent trip to the Redondo Beach Fisherman’s Wharf, in sunny California, I went a little crazy. I had the sales guy/culinary seafood mastermind, steam up a half-dozen of fresh conch in a lemon, wine and butter sauce while I feasted on a half-dozen hama hamas. Afterward, I moseyed down the corridor to the fresh fish section and heard angels singing. It was a beautiful sight. Mounds of ice looking like diamonds adorned with colorful jewels of the sea. Ahhh… Need less to say, I bought about 10 lbs of assorted fish. All for under $40. In that collection was Thresher Shark. I had never heard of it, which is why I picked it up. According to the fish monger, Thresher is a meaty fish with a texture similar to sword fish and tuna, the steaks of the sea as I like to call them. Since Thresher Shark is found in tropical waters, I decided to put an island twist on the fish and came up with a recipe for a delicious curry stew.  Click here for the recipe. I hope you enjoy it.


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