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Summer is vastly approaching which means it’s time to shed those Winter “layers.” This is the time of year that most of us dread because we’ve got to work out and eat healthy. Unfortunately, eating healthy has a stigma of being costly, boring, and time consuming. Well I’m here to help dispel that myth because eating right doesn’t have to be expensive or boring.I am not monetarily rich and I definitely do not consider myself a health nut.

However, I do a ton of research on whole foods and what’s good for my body, and I attempt to prepare all my recipes using all natural foods and healthier options. I, like most of you, enjoy the occasional “cheating.” On some weekends or when friends are visiting, I indulge. My favorite cheat foods are bacon and fried chicken. I can probably give away my first born before I give up those two things. But knowing I will be able to enjoy my cheat foods on these occasions gives me incentive to eat right the majority of the time. I do not diet but I watch what I eat. Here is an example of how I incorporate Gaia Goodness recipes in my healthy eating regiment.

*Click on the links to get the recipes.


8 oz. My Favorite Fruit Juice and a glass of water

30 minutes later… ½ cup oatmeal w/ dried fruit and nuts and a glass of water

Mid morning snack:

A few cups hot green tea with or without honey

A slice of whole grain or sprouted wheat toast with goat cheese smear and sliced cucumber and tomato and a glass of water


Seared tuna salad w/ginger soy dressing

Afternoon snack, before 3 pm:

Handful of nuts and a few slices of hard cheese on crackers and a glass of water


Curried Thresher Shark Stew  and glass of water.

Midnight snack:

Hot Cocoa Almond drink

*I include water with each meal. This is a good way to take in the standard 8 glasses.

Give these recipes a try. They are healthy, quick, affordable, and TASTY!

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