Oh Boy-lognese!!

Traditional Bolognese is a meat sauce made with ground beef, veal and/or lamb, I’ve even had it with Wild Boar. YUMM!! The sauce is traditionally cooked over a low flame for at least 1-3 hours. I created a vegetarian version of this classic that is super easy to make. This recipe qualifies as an OPS meal, so you can make a lot of it and store it for later use. You’ll save some money, and look cool in front of your friends when you’re using your own jarred sauce. Click here for the recipe.

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I am a gourmet food specialist, food entrepreneur and creator of The Gaia Goodness Company. I make gourmet sauces, salad dressings and marinades. Please be sure to check out my Banana Mango Ketchup soon to be available for online purchase.

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