From Soupy Mess to Egg Foo Yung Tastiness!!

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From Soupy Mess to Egg Foo Yung Tastiness!!

*Disclaimer: The photos for this recipe are not the best. It was an impromptu recipe, I took the pictures at night and the lighting in my kitchen basically sucks. Please forgive me.

Have you ever had your mouth set on a particular food? Ordered it, got it home and found said food to be the most disgusting thing ever? You’re now pissed that you wasted time and money and on top of that, you’re still starving!!! Well, if you’ve ever wondered how you could turn a less than palatable take out order into a scrumptious delight , maybe this recipe will open your mind up to some ideas and make you think twice about throwing out your take out.

So the other night I was feeling lazy and wanted Chinese. There’s a place I’ve ordered from before that has a very delicious Mongolian Beef, but I couldn’t remember the name of it. So like many of us do, I checked Yelp and Google reviews and folks were raving about this one little hole in wall Chinese restaurant on Crenshaw. I figured what the heck, it’s not too far from my house.

I ordered Pepper Steak which is a favorite of mine. I got the dinner combo which came with the entree, pork fried rice, two wontons with unidentified meat, one fried butterflied shrimp, and a pinky sized vegetable Spring roll. Everything tasted… mediocre. The wontons were the best thing about the whole experience.

I HATE when that happens.

The Pepper Steak was a soupy, flavorless mess that I couldn’t even stomach. However, being on a budget as a budding entrepreneur, I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. I’m too darned creative a chef to do that ūüėČ Sooo, I decided to turn that soupy excuse of a Pepper Steak into a tasty Beef Egg Foo Yung. It turned out better than I expected and I even got a little sad when it was all gone. I’m actually considering ordering that horrible Pepper Steak again, just so I can repeat this recipe.

Click the link to check out my recipe for Beef Egg Foo Yung Revamped.

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