Feelin’ green on St. Patty’s Day

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And happy birthday to my wonderful Mother Patricia. Mom, I can’t believe it took me 33 years to figure out your name was Patricia because you were born on St. Patty’s day. Lol!

In honor of this extraordinary day, I am reintroducing my recipe for Walnut Pesto! Yumm! Of course it’s very fitting for the occasion because it’s… you guessed it, GREEN!

Pestos can be prepared in a variety of ways using different kinds of nuts like macadamia, pine nuts, pecans, and even almonds. You can make pesto without nuts too. I would suggest substituting the nuts with chick peas. If you are vegan then check out this recipe for Vegan Nut-free Basil Pesto with Italian Parsley from a great vegan blog called The Keen Kitchen.

For my traditional recipe, click on this link for Walnut Pesto. It’s easy, healthy, delicious and yes! Green!! Be sure to check out additional recipes for how to use the pesto by clicking here.

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day!

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