IndieGoGo Crowd Funding Campaign to Launch on Friday August 1, 2014

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The Gaia Goodness Company is currently promoting the brand through social media marketing and raising $7,000 to help with the initial launch of The Gaia Goodness Company signature product, Banana Mango Ketchup

Your contribution will get The Gaia Goodness Company on the road to expanding. Seven thousand dollars will secure liability insurance, a TFF Permit (Temporary Food Facility Permit), three months of commercial kitchen rental, paid internships, marketing materials, an online store, supplies and ingredients to make 600 units of Banana Mango Ketchup in 2oz, 5oz, and 12oz jars to be sold at Farmer’s Markets around L.A. and via online.

You can be an integral part in helping The Gaia Goodness Company get closer to its $7,000 goal! Simply click the “Make a donation” button in the side bar to the right or contribute to the Gaia Goodness Movement IndieGoGo Campaign launching  Friday August 1, 2014. During this campaign, donors will receive some very exciting and exclusive goodies like a full size jar of Banana Mango Ketchup, free recipe e-cards, t-shirts, aprons, hand knitted potholders, full color cookbooks, and for the high roller contributors, you’ll get everything mentioned above plus a personalized cooking video (where your name will be mentioned throughout the video). If you are a high roller contributor who lives in the Los Angeles or Washington , D.C. area you can receive an intimate evening cooking class for you and some guests in the privacy of your home. 

All contributors will be added to The Gaia Goodness Company “Wall of Donors” on the official Gaia Goodness website as well as this blog site and receive a free recipe e-card.

Please spread the word to your friends and family if you believe in The Gaia Goodness Movement and be sure to get on the mailing list so you can receive updates, a free newsletter, free recipes, instructional cooking videos, and exclusive giveaways.

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I am a gourmet food specialist, food entrepreneur and creator of The Gaia Goodness Company. I make gourmet sauces, salad dressings and marinades. Please be sure to check out my Banana Mango Ketchup soon to be available for online purchase.

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