What is The Gaia Goodness Company?

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The Gaia Goodness movement is a way of life that is respectful of Mother Earth and her inhabitants while enhancing your and your family’s life by providing luxury you can afford.

The Gaia Goodness Company was created by Shara Prophet, who says, “Gaia Goodness is not just a movement. It is a new way to live!” The Gaia Goodness Company is a conscious entity that produces wellness products to support a healthier lifestyle. The focus of the company is delivering all natural gourmet food, personal care products, cookware and home goods that are sourced responsibly ensuring that all products meet the highest social, ecological and economical standards in today’s industry. Meaning, we are picky about where we source our materials because people and the environment are more important than profit.

The current focus of The Gaia Goodness Company is to sell a wide range of all natural and organic gourmet sauces, marinades, salad dressings, frozen meals, baked goods, and beverages. These items will be sold via an online store and at farmer’s markets in the LA area, gourmet grocers, health and natural foods shops, wineries, gift shops, restaurants, cafes, etc.

The Gaia Goodness Company mission is to bring healing to the world through nurturing the body, spirit and personal integrity. The Gaia Goodness movement is a new way of doing business by participating in our communities, and uniting people from all walks of life, neighborhoods and incomes.

The passion behind the project

Owner and creator Shara Prophet says,“The inspiration behind The Gaia Goodness Company comes from an inner awareness that a different way of doing business and making processed foods is long overdue. My experience working within the food justice movement and knowledge of the food industry revealed that consumers like you and me, are in need of everyday products like ketchup and salad dressing that is healthy, and beneficial to our minds, bodies, and the planet. I was inspired to start The Gaia Goodness Company because I felt the pull to work within my community and get reconnected to nature, food and people.”

Where are we going?

In five years The Gaia Goodness Company will be basking in its success as a leading producer of all natural food products ranging from exotic sauces, salad dressings, healing herbal teas, organic dried herbs, seasonings, infused oils, vegan baked goods, no added sugar beverages, and natural frozen meals.

The company will introduce its personal care line of organic and natural skin, and hair products. These products are derived from organic, GMO (genetically modified organism) free plants and crops that promote healthy, younger looking skin and fuller, shinier hair.

The next venture is cookware and home goods made from repurposed and recycled materials such as wood, scrap metal, iron, ceramic, glass, stone, textiles, paper and other sustainable natural resources.

Where are we now?

The Gaia Goodness Company is currently promoting the brand through social media marketing. We are also raising $7,000 to help with the initial launch of The Gaia Goodness Company signature product, Banana Mango Ketchup. Your contribution will help us secure liability insurance, TFF Permit (Temporary Food Facility Permit), commercial kitchen rental, paid internships, marketing materials, an online store, and supplies and ingredients, so we can start selling at Farmer’s Markets around L.A. and via the web.

You can be an integral part in getting us closer to our $7,000 goal! Simply click the “Make a donation” button in the side bar to the right or send via PayPal to gaiagoodnessnaturalfoods@gmail.com. Please spread the word to your friends and family if you believe in our mission.  Be sure to participate in our upcoming IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign as well and you will receive some very exciting and exclusive goodies. Subscribe to this blog so you can receive updates and news about when we launch the IndieGoGo campaign, which is happening soon! Your contribution will help expand this conscious company with a cause.

All contributors will be added to The Gaia Goodness Company “Wall of Donors” on this blog site as well as our official website and receive a free recipe e-card. Donations of $50 or more will receive a 5 oz. jar of the Banana Mango Ketchup. Please be sure to include a standard shipping and handling flat rate of $6.42 in the US, when you make your donation. You will receive a confirmation email asking you for your mailing address so we can ship your Banana Mango Ketchup. Thank you!

Next steps

After The Gaia Goodness Company has had success at Farmer’s Markets, local, and online stores, the Gaia Goodness Banana Mango Ketchup will make its way onto shelves nationwide at retail shops and chain grocery stores like Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, Pavilions, Sprouts, etc. Then, The Gaia Goodness Company will be ready to launch the next products waiting to meet your palates like; Asian Bbq Sauce, Raspberry Truffle Vinaigrette, Habanero Citrus Marinade, and Coconut Lime Yogurt Dressing!

Working together

The Gaia Goodness Company is a vehicle to not only deliver high quality foods, but provide education to all communities about how to live a healthy, whole lifestyle, mind, body, and spirit. The Gaia Goodness Company fully supports and is apart of the sustainable and local food movement. A percentage of sales of all Gaia Goodness products will go to the RootDown LA organization and the St. Francis Center.

Be apart of the Gaia Goodness movement

Please add yourself to our mailing list to stay updated with new blog posts, recipes, cooking videos, the IndieGoGo fundraiser launch, and to learn when and where the Banana Mango Ketchup will be available for purchase.

Got questions? Email gaiagoodnessnaturalfoods@gmail.com. Please leave a comment. I love reading them and I write back 😉




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